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SouthEast Music Alliance Summer Showcase Pix - July 19th @ The State Theater

Misc. Pics from the evening. I have many more fron Tampa area shows that I'll be posting soon, so check back. Band members,if you'd like to get copies, you may choose which pix you want by right clicking (win) or click and holding (mac) and choose to download image to your computer. At that point you can either download the small image or copy what the filename is. Then send me a list of the images you want by e-mailing me and I'll get them to you. I'll burn Joran a CD with all of the images from the evening so that you can get them from him if that's more convenient. Use them for whatever you want (CD's, press kits, hang 'em in your john, whatev) but give me a photo credit and/or link when used for anything public. Thanks.

I take photos without a flash for aesthetic reasons... I like to capture the natural light rather than blowing everything out with a flash... I prefer the results of

this method; the kinetic energy, the softness, and the sometimes abstract nature and "weirdness" I get. That being said, some of these are not as sharp as you may wish they would be and may not be suitable for all types of publication... Sorry! I am guilty of framing up and taking a lot of these photos for my portfolio. I also need to apologize to all the drummers whom I could not get many good shots of because of the lighting situation (Steve, the light guy said he lost his back row of lights to lightning that week). So, sorry drummers... I'm a drummer as well and we always seem to get dissed somehow... Being way in the back away from the ladies, having to carry all that gear, etc... I'll get you next time.

spread the love... e.haase

The Crippled Masters
The Pagan Saints
The Semi's
John McNicholas
The Gita
Pix from E•Motion benefit, Auditorium, Knowing Stu & D'yea Pix. at the Hard Rock