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"As for the future, your task is not to forsee, but to enable it."

- Antoin De Saint Exupery

Below are examples of my InterActive Publication services. I also provide full service print & E-book publication for all popular platforms Kindle, Ipad, Nook, etc. & animated giftbooks.
Interactive Publications

Example of Film maker's Reel (In this case, my own) in Flash format. (can be delivered on DVD or CD business cards. All movie clips are ultra compressed for web, however they are all broadcast quality format in their original form. Broadband is recommended for viewing.

Example of a band press kit in Flash format (can be delivered online or on CD/DVD with artist's music.

Example of an interface for a corporate intranet. I also produced an interactive, multi-media employee training module for this company. I'll post a sample of that work here soon, or you can e-mail me if your interested in seeing a copy (original format is CD-ROM. My program both saves &makes this company money by freeing up their management from the repetitive task of training their lower level, high turnover staff positions and let's them concentrate man hours on growing & marketing the company rather than repeatedly training new employees.

Example of photographers portfolio in Flash format: (can be delivered online or CD business cards). Too big for web. E-mail me for DVD'a containing larger format media.

I also write & publish E-Books in Adobe Acrobat (PDF format). (Iwrote the employee training manual for the company above in .PDF format.

See the Imagimedia Web Site In Flash Format



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