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"Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him."

- Aldous Huxley

 This was strictly my transmedia production site, however, since my clinical death experience, I've made it more of a parking lot for "all things "E". Interact with mE in my latest social engineering experiment: C3- the Conscious Consumers' Community.

     My book "Apocalypse Near"; won the Green Book Festival award for best interactive book. The Green Book Festival honors books that contribute a greater understanding, respect for & positive action of the worldwide environment. I attended the award ceremony in San Francisco & I'm attempting to use this momentum to jump start film production again.

"Apocalypse Near" is the product of ongoing "automatic writing" experiences that have been occurring since my brush with eternity. I published this book because of its urgent "EnvironMENTAL" message. Contact me if you'd like to read the interactive version; (audio book in production) or if you purchased the physical book & would like your free interactive edition. You may read a summary of this book/feature film project HERE.
Click here for Press / Media Kit.

A pic of me in my office taken just days B4 my brain blew up (aneurysm).

My near death experience led to the creation of my Conscious Consumers' website which led to the creation of my Viridian REVELution "REFORMance-Art" site which led to the creation of the "Apocalypse Near trilogy of feature film screenplays & book about saving the planet from the humans ;->I'm in pre-production of the first of the "Apocalypse Near)" films.

I guess the docs did a great job putting my brain back together because I'm still as nuts as I've always been. In my spare time I scribe psalms and think about the ability to think about thought :).

[07/12/04] Thanks to all who came to my benefit concerts (E•Motion, EricPalooza , & Medicate U.S. .
I would never have gotten through this without you. =->

I'm doing better than doctors expected (well they thought I was dead, or that I'd be a vegetable at best). I'm peripherally blind from the brain injury, but considering how bad medical science says I should be, I won't complain.

I fooled them by just surviving the surgery & I'm working toward having everything I had in my former life back & more . Anyone who'd like to assist my climb out of my grave may donate to my tax deductible medical foundation below, (please don't feel obligated to)... Hearing from people is more valuable than $. I know that with God, fam & friends, I'm covered. So, e-mail me to say hi OR donate to yourself & planet by visiting the website I took back from beyond the grave: www.ConsciousConsumers.net

Donate To The E. Haase Medical/Filmmaking Foundation (Tax deductible)
Donations process through PayPal. I was shopping for new health insurance when my aneurysm occurred, & wasn't fully covered, so donations help with med bills.

Click here to read my surgery report (see inside my brain!). & see an after-surgery photo. Marvel at the super-cool scar on the the side of my head & See what a quarter of a million dollar hair cut looks like!

Many of you in Miami/NY/L.A. may remember me as the drummer for Manchild & Liquid Funk, but now my gig is my website to focus consumers on shifting this country into a renewable resource economy & get us back to leading the world by ingenuity rather than by intimidation: The Conscious Consumers' Network.
Idealistic? yes.. Nuts? Possibly ;->

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