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Apocalypse Near, volume one; Interactive book & feature film information.
"Apocalypse Near" back jacket summary:

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Fear is the fatal frontier in a book with one murder victim: humanity.
Nevertheless, love’s provision of a nameless man, his appointed
rhapsodist & their charge to extend their love to the
biogeochemical realm bestows an auspicious chance. Fates
with the best & worst of human and mythological creatures await.

Apocalypse Near is a revolutionary book that creates a new genre;
fusing autobiography, metaphysics, sci-fi, social activism & paranormal
romance with dynamic media. This is an interactive tome that links to the
author’s websites where supplementary media amplifies the adventure.
An electronic edition is free with purchase of this book. The electronic
version expands the book to hundreds of pages & includes bonus music,
information, art, film clips & animation. The additional media augments
the narrative & seeks to involve the reader with the author’s social mission.
The author calls his genre ‘Hyper-Reality’ because it seamlessly blends
media to not merely inform & entertain but to affect reality. Hyper-Reality
is to “reality” what metaphysics is to physics.

Join the transmedia “EnvironMENTAL REVELution”!

The author’s clinical death experience spawned this warning of earth’s
looming ecological collapse & how to stop it. Truth & quantum sci-fi collide
to return drama to its original purpose: enlightenment via epic conflict
and the eternal showdown between mythical heroes, scary monsters &
killer clowns from inner-space. ;-)

If a house divided against itself cannot stand;
can a man divided within himself make a stand?

The secret behind earth’s environmental collapse is that humans
are being invaded by an inter-dimensional legion of creatures
composed of dark matter, powered by dark energy and running a
superior operating system. One man is uploaded with the data to
abort their human deletion program & stop earth’s environment from
crashing. Quantum physics has never been revealed in such a
terrifying light. The love between a man & woman has never had
such an imperative destiny.

FACT: Astrophysicists presently calculate that over 90% of the
universe is composed of dark matter & dark energy. In this story100% of
planet earth will soon be inhabited by dark energy.. Are you ready to be scared
of your own shadow?

In a universe built on binary code; the "zeros" make war on the "ones"
in a quest to crash the entire system. This is a story of a fight to the
DELETE! However, beautiful things can happen in the place where Hell
freezes and pigs fly.

Come to the dark side,
we have cookies!
Your obituary is already coded;
your death is in the queue.
Be ready; it's not just coming,
It's near... Apocalypse Near
I had to list it in a traditional book genre, but it's not exactly parapsychology or autobiography.. It's an experiment in narrative that uses events from my near death experience to intensify a fictional story that "wrote itself" as I recovered from brain surgery. It's a psychological thriller on a mission. The mission is encapsulated on the web site I took back from beyond the grave..

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   Learn more about "Apocalypse Near" on Amazon. (peek inside,etc).

   Get a print of the book from Amazon.


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