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Digi-Video & Film CLips


E. Haase film/video Demo Reel Movie clips are ultra compressed for web, however they are broadcast quality in original form.

I was trained in film production & screenwriting @ The University of Miami where I specialized in screenwriting & experimental documentary filmmaking while double majoring in psychology; minor in philosophy. I've been combining documentary & fiction into what I think will be a next wave of national distraction after the current reality T.V. trend gets even more beaten to death than it already is.

As of 01/01/07 I'm in pre-production of a feature film I wrote last year entitled "Apocalypse Near"; a project born of my near death experience. I created a website which serves as supplemental material for the films' philosophy, stories & characters which you can see here: "Viridian REVELution". I think I'm concurrently creating a new genre of cinema with this project. I'm calling my genre "Hyper-Reality".

• Here's some reactions from Tampa press: Read an & An article about me from TampaFilmFan & a review of my trailer from "Crazed Fan Boy.


Here's some surrealist fun-
Video collage animation

This is an excerpt from a multi-media installation I did for The Bass Museum in Miami Beach. The live show, entitled "ISM" featured live music, dance & DJ's.. 5.9 mb Quicktime movie will load in a new window.

I'm in the process of digitizing & compressing more of my vids & films for web delivery. Check back soon... - E.

• I may soon post treatments of the screenplays I've written over the years. The trick is doing that without giving so much away that some hack takes the high concepts, so I'll have to think more about that... Maybe just some titles, tag lines & stills.






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