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"The world is but a school of inquiry"

Michel De Montaigne

E's Links

The Contenders Club -
Check out my cousin ( former Golden Gloves boxer / pro-kick boxer- Rob 'Fastlane' Forcelli ) & his fight club!

Actually, Rob has a popular boxing weight loss & motivational training program. I still remember when we were kids watching Bruce Lee movies & then beating the crap out of each other in the boxing ring we rigged in my uncle's garage... Good times...
Now he gets to do things like hang out with people like Bonnie Bernstein & the Coor's Lite twins, etc. So check out his boxing work-out program & keep an eye out for him on the infomercial scene.

Links to some of the web sites I've designed and programmed.

The Conscious Consumers' Network - My stab at trying to save the planet from the humans. www.consciousconsumers.net is an environmentally conscious consumer community.

Legends Music - Vintage, used & new guitars.

GreggBissonette.com - Drummer to the stars..

BMS Management

Bands Gone Wild

KeyRest -

The Gilded Hand

Tampa Music Scene & Links to other friends

Download Local music on iTunes.

This is the Tampa Local scene.. the SouthEast Music Alliance.
Rebekah Pulley - A honey who sounds like it when she sings & strums. Her voice wraps around me, her band, The Reluctant Prophets, wrap around her. Some of my favorite Rebekah is just her & her acoustic guitar. Her C.D. "A Brand New Day" finds it's way into my player a lot... Especially @ night. She sings me to dreams. Her guitar skills are on par with her outstanding voice, & I think they sometimes get overlooked. True talent.
.4 Star Riot- Somewhere between the Clash & T-Rex, there's a 4 **** Riot.
Genitorturers - A sonic assault for ALL your senses... But, clearly not 4 all, which I see as a good thing. Gen does not bother trying to appeal to the feeble minded. You must be able to stretch your mental boundaries to appreciate the commentary being made here. Beyond that, there is the fullness of Rock music as what it is meant to be.... Explosive, slightly dangerous, worrisome to parents & evocative of unchained emotion. You can truly break free of the mundane at a Genitorturers show, & they are one of those bands that must be seen live to appreciate, not only for the visual/sensual experience of GEN, but because I feel they are a band that has, (for me) not been documented well enough on record... Maybe it's because their sound is just too much to be encapsulated in a fixed form. Gen, for me, is the ultimate in rock goddess-ship (word?).
john Mcnicholas - Makes me think of Matthew Sweet at times, except I like John more. Multi-faceted & always catchy power pop. You can relive your best & worst relationships in many of John's songs.
Knowing Stu - Tina can take a stage. Modern sounding but still, raw rock 4 gurlz & boyz.
The Semi's - I'm workin' on a site for Billy & the Boyz. Edgy & lovingly loose live shows. They always look & sound like they are about to fall apart, but in a good way. Watch any footage of Keith Richards & Ron Wood playing off of each other in the 1970's & you'll get a feel for what these guys play like.
The Black Honkeys -Check out Brother Phil next time you wanna have some funkin' fun.

The Mercy Seat - Somewhere between Morphine, Tom Waits & Nick Cave (some of my personal favorites), yet the Mercy seat has there own smokey, lonely, soundscape going. Hits you right in the lost soul with a fist of smoke exhaled from a wayward romantic.
Blues Punks - Doc Lovett's band that's not exactly blues or punk, but some kind of alchemical amalgum that sticks between your emotional/nostalgic synapses. Listening is more like a deja-vu of blues & punk rather than a recognizable homage to either genre. Original, yet still reminiscent of other good things you've already heard in the back pages of your rock-n-roll memory.
Truly Sunday - Not truly emo, not truly punk, but truly influenced by those indie rock genres.
Cuban Sandwich Crises - Hungry for some talented musicianship & strong songwriting that doesn't knock you over to make it's point? take a bite of the samich. And yes, you can have extra hot sauce.
Klik - Post modern Girl rock that keeps evolving; Chrissy & Stephi & Heavy They recently opened 4 EVANESCENCE @ Coachman Park. Twas a good match.=->
The BeauvillesThe new record is a hard charger. Their songs meander in their own space before they set you down in a groove. Always great fun live.
Mind Static - I call it Angel Industrial, Electronic melodic... Sexy & ethereal. I'm biased through because I love Wendy & Rob is my partner in Mediawhore.
Gravity - Gravity is big rock... I spell their sound "R-A-W-K"... Not rock, but RAWK. Huge & majestic kind of stuff. I hear & see more good things to come if they keep hammering on this anvil to forge out the sound they have begun.

ribal Style - Modern roots-rock-reggae. An updated Black Uhuru, Sly & Robbie thing going on here. Amazing percussion. Jah natural mystic music lives. Long Beach, Cali, chillin' in Tampa.. Get out & support them & let's keep them here.

WMNF Community Radio - Not just for the occassional coverage & spinning of great local music, this station is an outstanding source of information & culture. I've met people from around the world who cite WMNF as one of the best community station's in the world. They also keep the best of Tampa local music on file and will even play it for you if you ask nicely enough.

The amazing brushwork of Helmut Preiss, The Rocking Painter...

AJ's Pro Percussion. This site recently got bought & my work got yanked (AND now they're wondering "How come this site isn't making a ton of money anymore?), but I'll put an example of it back soon, because it was a cool site for drummers... Now it's just a corporate wasteland of products.


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