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This is a copy of the thank you letter I wrote my brain surgeon.

Dr. R.E. Rydell M.S., M.D., F.A.C.S.
5106 North Armenia Ave.STE #1
Tampa, FL 33603

Dear Dr. Rydell,
I'm sure you've had many people thank you for saving their lives, but I can't imagine that it gets any less special to hear. I' m no less amazed about what you did for me with each re-read of my surgery report. The operation you performed to stop my brain hemorrage, remove my AVM and deal with the resulting stroke is even more amazing in that you did it under emergency conditions. I keep thinking that my case would make a great episode on ER, so who do you want to play the nuero surgeon?

I keep going over the chain of events that allowed me to live through the night of 02/17/04 and I keep wondering how I got lucky enough to be driven into the one emergency room that had a great neuro surgeon on location. The last thing I consciously remember from that night, just after telling my girlfriend that I didn't want to go to the hospital, was saying a prayer. So I guess I'll give God the credit for putting me in your talented hands.

I know that you did much more than just save my life doc. The speed and precision with which you acted saved everything else about me You saved my ability to walk, talk, see, think, type this letter and all the cognitive abilities that make me, well me.

I know I will go on from here to live my life and try to do something for humanity. With any luck, I hope you will be able to check out what I hope will be the first of those contributions in the coming months. So if you're ever on the WW in the coming months, look for a bit of the brain you helped save at www.consciouconsumers.net . I'll send you a reminder when it is up and running full speed.

Eric Haase



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