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09/11/10 - a novelization of my "Apocalypse Near" screenplay is now available on Amazon. I started production of the audiobook & hope to have that out soon.

Press Release for book version of "Apocalypse Near" can be read HERE.

I was Monday's guest on WMNF's Radioactivity "Sustainable Living Show" Click to hear an MP3 of the show. One caveat: They called me the day before the show because their scheduled guest cancelled, so I wasn't as prepared as I'd like to have been, but I think I held my own.

04/17/08 - The Tampa Tribune wrote an article about my"Apocalypse Near" project and my quest to "save the planet from the humans". Read it by clicking HERE.

02/22/08 Tampa press: I dusted off the first film I ever made & screened it at The Tampa Film Review in February. I've shown lots of my work at these gatherings, but I was nervous about showing something I made at age 18; but to my surprise it held up. Read the review here. You have to scroll down the page a bit. The title of the film is "Pornography".

02/12/07 more Tampa press: Read an article about me from TampaFilmFan & a review of my trailer from "Crazed Fan Boy.

08/11/06"Apocalypse Near"

I recently penned a trilogy of feature films that I am in pre-production on. I'm hoping this project will re-establish my post brain-surgery career life back to my pre-surgery levels & beyond.

I may be half blind, but I was able to shoot some scenes for a Tampa based feature film about the Ybor city mob. The film, entitled "Ghosts of Ybor is in post production. I'll post links to it soon. Now if I could only get paid for doing that stuff again.

In Memoriam - 07/24/06 The Tampa Trib printed my letter regarding the loss of local hero Mike O'Neill.. They mangled it in the process, but it was still the Letter Of The Day. Here's how I submitted it.



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