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"God answers sharp & sudden on some prayers,
And thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face,
A gauntlet with a gift in it."

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1856

Eric Haase -"Environmental" art photography prints & Paintings
The following photo prints were done in my pre Photoshop days (except for the last one). I wish I had photoshop then, I could have saved myself hours. These are all one of a kind prints done by multiple exposures on photo paper of 2 different negatives. Vistalith film was cut to shield the areas of the first exposure while I placed the second negative exposure on the paper with an ultra-violet filter in the enlarger. I would then colorize the finished print with Marshall Photo oil paints... Hours of work that can be done in minutes with photoshop today. You can also CLICK HERE to see some of my environMENTAL paintings...
(1988, photo oil on layered infrared print)
I took this photo on a cross country road trip after high school. The center photo is a piece of landscape pop-art in an agricultural field in Texas, the name of which escapes me right now. The outer photo is an infrared close up of the crop surrounding the half buried Cadillacs.
"Man Claims Dominion Over Nature" (1988, photo oil on layered infrared print)
I was fascinated by Baroque counter - reaffimration rescos as a child, particularly those of Cartona. This piece shows that influence, particularly in terms of the movement & symbolism. It probably also shows my love of Botticelli. This photo is one of a triptych. I'll post the companions when I scan them. This photo depicts my modern take on Genesis 1:29, when God gave man the earth. My cousin Rob, (top subject of photo, was a body builder when I took this photo of him. He depicts fallen man declaring his might & ruler ship over the earth. The central figure hoists a simple tool & thrusts down into the earth to make it submit to the human will. I was trying to provoke in us the question, "have we been good stewards over the earth we were given, & If we had to explain what we've done with the planet to it's creator, could we do so without shame?"
"The Suspended Garden "
(1989, photo oil on layered infrared print)
Question of this piece...Will we one day have to go see nature in a zoo-like setting like we see animals today?
"The Sacred & The Profane 1"
(1989, photo oil on layered B&W print)
My"thing" for a while was to combine the beautiful & the grotesque within a single image. Here we have a flowerbed surrounding the inlaid image of my model who's eyes I scratched out on the negative in an obvious homage to Munch's"Scream". Behind her is the full moon illuminating a cloudscape out over Miami Beach. When I developed the image, I thought the clouds & moon looked more like a mushroom cloud. Hence, the sacred (woman/flowers) & the profane (nuclear war).
A Boy & His Deity
(1989) Layered B&W photo.
Depicts the struggle between faith & sanity. The inset photo was taken by my then girlfriend Kim Solano in Italy. The outer is my buddy running down Miami Beach. Click to enlarge so you can read the dialogue bubbles & get the gist of the "struggle".
"The Sacred & The Profane 2"
(1999), (color macro photo print collage)
This one is a photoshop job. As you may have gathered by the fact that I was not at the Trinity nuclear tests. The sunflower is a macro photo I took on my friends sunflower farm. Inside is the Trinity explosion (courtesy of the Manhattan project and 5000 years of human conflict. The outside image is Hubble's "Deep field view" courtesy of NASA.

'Meanwhile, In Another Puppet Realm..'
1993, Oil on photograph

Click HERE to view ISM video, from a multi media installation I did @ the Bass Museum in Miami Beach. 3MB Quicktime video will open in new window. Our 'Isms' are why we destroy more than our environment.

More of my craptastic artwork coming soon, so come back. e-mail me to let me know whatcha' think.

CLICK HERE to see some of my environMENTAL paintings...




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